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Bilateral Growth of the Gums Dr Blake



DR. BLAKE presented a man of twenty-nine years, in whose mouth were to be seen two plate-like growths springing from the palatal aspect of the gums, and growing inward and backward beneath the hard and soft palate so a3 to resemble on casual ex amination a cleft palate.

The process is not confined to the gum, on their inner aspects, but also involves their buccal aspects and the gums or alveolar processes of the mandible as well.

The teeth are somewhat buried, especially the molars. The growth is very hard, but has a certain amount of elasticity sug gesting fibrous tissue.

There is no venereal history and no history of local irritation, except that he has been afflicted for several years with gumboils. There is no pyorrhcea. The plate-like growths have been growing slowly for two years, and the enlargement of the gums of the mandible has been present for about seven months.

DR. ELLSWORTH ELIOT, JR., said that last year he saw a woman, thirty-five years old, with a growth in the mouth some what similar to that in the case shown by Dr. Blake. It was situ ated in the middle line of the hard palate, and had been there for a number of years without causing the patient any pain or giving rise to inflammatory symptoms. The patient's attention was finally directed to it by the difficulty in mastication which it gave rise to, and subsequently by difficulty in talking. It was excised under an anxsthetic, and the microscope showed that it was an ordinary osteoma. Its excision was followed by a superficial necrosis of the underlying bone. This subsided about six or seven months ago, and since then there have been no evidences of a recurrence.

In Dr. Blake's the speaker said, the neoplasm was pos sibly due to some abnormal condition of the teeth which had given rise to a chronic inflammation.

DR. JOHN B. WALKER said he saw a somewhat similar case about a year ago. There was a growth of the gum about half the size of a walnut, which did not give rise to any trouble until the patient made an attempt to wear an artificial plate. The growth was then excised without any difficulty. There was no recurrence.

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