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Dr. O'harapresented a specimen that showed an end-to-end anastomosis done after the method he presented at the April meeting. This specimen was removed from a large Newfoundland dog fifteen days after operation ; it shows the character of the union obtained, and also the appearance of the gut on the inside. The sutures used on one aspect was the Hal stead, on the other a continuous Lembert. His preference was the Halstead, as with this suture he got better approximation and no adhesions to the surrounding structures. The specimen was preserved in Pick's solution. This dog was up and around hunt ing for something to eat in eight hours ; he was fed at once on ordinary dog food, and did not seem to mind the operation in the least. In placing his sutures, he had endeavored to carry them down to the mucous coat, so that if any hzmorrhage occurred it must be within the bowel. None of the cases that he had observed had any bleeding from the bowel. The operation by his method was a perfectly bloodless one. The larger blood-vessels in the mesentery may cause some annoyance, but wherever it could be done he avoided cutting them.