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Fracture of the Kidney Nephrectomy


FRACTURE OF THE KIDNEY; NEPHRECTOMY ; RECOVERY.-011 May 29. 1899, A. C., a slight, delicate girl of ten years, while crossing a paved street, was knocked down and the wheels of a heavy express wagon passed over her back. She was taken at once to the office of Dr. R. W. Lovett, under whose care she had been for slight lateral curvature. On her arrival she had almost no pulse and seemed to be dying.

I saw her within a half-hour, when she had revived a little under stimulation. There was no external sign of injury. The abdomen was tender, rather more on the right than on the left, and rigid. After a time she passed a quantity of bloody urine.

She was at once removed to a private hospital and operated upon.

The usual lumbar incision exposed an infiltrating hxmorrhage into the deep muscles and perinephritic tissues, and a rent in the peritoneum through which a large quantity of blood was evacuated. The torn kidney could be felt in the bottom of the wound, was drawn out, and the few shreds of tissue by which it was attached were ligated and the mass removed. It was found that this represented little more than half the organ, and the hand being introduced into the abdominal cavity found the other fragment free near the stomach. This was removed, the ab domen washed out, and the wound partially sutured and packed with gauze.

Recovery was uneventful, and the child has suffered no inconvenience since from the wound or the loss of the kidney. Her parents report her as being much stronger during the past two years than before the accident.

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