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Gall-Stone Impacted in the Ileum Dr Howard Lilienthal



DR. HOWARD LILIENTHAL reported this case and showed the specimen removed. The patient was a woman, sixty-four years old, who since Thanksgiving Day had suffered from symptoms of chronic intestinal obstruction, which gradually increased in severity. An examination failed to reveal any fecal impaction, but in the right iliac region a resisting body could be felt. Upon opening the abdomen and separating the omental adhesions, a hard body could be felt inside the ileum, completely obstructing the lumen of the gut. It was extracted through a small incision in the gut, which was immediately closed again by continuous suture. At present, three days after the operation, the patient is in excellent condition. The foreign body removed was about the size of an English walnut, was rudely cubical in shape, and was probably a gall-stone.