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Dr. Deaver reported the case of a man, thirty-three years of age, who for two and a half years had complained of an aching pain in the back, which increased on motion, but was relieved by rest. The pain radiated from the anterior superior spine of the ilium, through the groin to the left testicle and across the back. The pain was intense at times. No tenderness over the region of the left kidney. Micturition was unattended by burn ing or pain except when a catheter was used. There was a time when the patient was compelled to rise two or more times at night to evacuate his bladder. When constipated, or when tympanitic distention existed, the pain was exaggerated. He never suffered from nausea or vomiting during the acute exacerbations. An X-ray taken a week before admission to the hospital revealed the presence of a stone in the left kidney, also a second shadow about which there was some doubt. July 19, 1899, a vertical in cision about three inches long was made in the left loin over the kidney and the organ exposed. A stone was felt in pelvis of the kidney, a cyst containing blood was discovered in the upper part of the organ. The pelvis was incised and the stone removed. The cyst was evacuated, the two incisions closed with silk sutures. The wound was packed and allowed to heal by granulation. Cure resulted.

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