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The term "love," in its general sense, refers to that action of the living intelligent forces which prompts the individual to effort and sacrifice, to secure for self or others a chosen good or happiness, real or imagined.

Sexual love in man, or, as I prefer to call it, the love of manhood and womanhood, is the most power ful movement of all the human energies, prompting men and women to effort and sacrifice, to secure the highest possible exercise of all their powers in the creative act. We do not know that Divine or human might has reached a more exalted end.

This love is not a passing impulse, a magnetic attraction, leading to momentary gratification, but is the grandest motive power in the universe, that we know. It is the builder of all human life, all human weal, and national greatness. It is not a child's toy, to minister to the pleasure of the day, but a mighty force to be held wisely, sacredly, as its perversion is ever as destructive as is its power for good.

This highest activity of all the powers of man could never reach its designed result, the perfect 20 creation of a new life, unless it had power to call all the resources of soul and body to its divine work. In its healthful condition, in every well-organized man and woman, it was intended to reach, and, through brain and spine, rouse, every spring of spirit ual and bodily strength, to an intense and rapid expenditure of life force. This is the reason why

uncontrolled sexual thought can stir the brain to constant and even insane unrest; why the best exer cise of this power in marriage is necessarily exhaust ing, and also explains the destructive influence of its unregulated action everywhere.

Among intelligent persons, both old and young, we find grave errors held in regard to the true design and healthful conditions of this function. Its morbid or insane conditions, in their milder forms, are often not recognized as such by the subjects themselves, whether men or women. I have good reason to know that many, from such false views, are holding to, and excusing themselves in, sad perversions of creative power. Others, from misconceptions of their own nature and actual needs, are unrestful and un happy under the necessary limitations, in a well assorted marriage or useful celibacy, which are only wholesome restraints.

It is for this reason that I have given so fully in subsequent chapters the indications of healthful and diseased sexual life, assured that a true understand ing of its ,exalted office and right conduct will aid many to choose its designed good, instead of mere sensual gratification.

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