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Mental and Physical Hygiene

Stand, stretching to the utmost height, upon the tip-toes, at the same moment stretch the arms by the side, extending and stiffening the fingers, so that they cannot be bent; maintain this position while breath ing deeply three times; then sit, while breathing twenty times; repeat the next stretching upon the toes, with the hands firmly clenched.

These alternations of stretching, and the quiet, deep respiration sitting, may be repeated from seven to fourteen times, or until the sense of rest or quiet is pretty fully established; it is a resting, rather tlian a fatiguing process, and should be taken steadily and quietly, not violently, always breathing through the nose. If dizziness or swimming sensations about the head occur, it is only an evidence that the freshly aerated blood going to the head is crowding out the sluggish venous accumulations, that need replacing by the new. This exercise may be taken at any time three or four hours after meals, particularly before retiring at night; and the habit of full deep respiration after retiring will still further quiet the nervous system, aiding in the maintenance of good circulation during the hours of sleep. Many a fit of unreasoning auger or worry, of fretful irritation, or passional excitability, may be quieted to an easy self-mastery, by these and other methods of physical exercise which bring balance to the disturbed ner vous forces. Above all things, the sexual relation, in marriage or out of it, should never be resorted to as it not unfrequently is — as a means of dissipating worry or other forms of irritability; it only fixes a habit which may lead to most disastrous parentage, and is only harmful to the individual.

There is but one estimate of this whole subject which is just, and that is, to hold this trust as the highest God has given, to be kept inviolate from any perversion from its grand design, even in marriage.

In looking upon woman she should be regarded only in the light in which she stands with her Creator, her womanhood being his royal seal of motherhood, of her highest obligation to him, to her husband, her children, and humanity. No one will deny that every child should have a pure motherhood, —it is its right, however lowly born. It would seem as if this instinc tive sense led even the basest men to demand chastity in their wives, even while they forget God's like demand upon them. He has given no human being the right to take from man, woman, or child the power to confer or receive unsullied the gift of life.

However poor and helpless a woman may be, how ever she may despise her integrity of virtue, and, as a courtesan, trail it at your feet in the dust of a chosen degradation, there is but one right way for every true man to act toward every woman — which is as he would wish another to act towards his own sister, wife, or daughter. Another truth should never be forgotten, that not only the proper use, but the rest, of sexual power, is creative and beneficent.

Whether it be devoted to its only permitted ex pression of love in a well-chosen Christian marriage, or kept resting quietly and sending its energizing life into noble activities on every hand, or whether it causes the bitter pain of disappointed love, it will, if held in trustful obedience to the Divine law, result in a manly elevation which is more desirable than all sensual gratification.

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