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Physical Disease as the Source of Morbid Sexual Irritability

Adults as well as children are liable to these local eruptive affections, the intolerable itching or pruritus being not only annoying, but often exceedingly pain ful, driving the patients at times almost frantic. When the itching is so great, the impelling inclination to rub the diseased surfaces often adds fuel to two fires, — increasing the erosion of the parts, and exasperating the already fretted nerves to the keenest sexual ex citement.

Ascarides, or pin-worms, are more likely to develop in persons having a bad digestion or a scrofulous ten dency, and exist often in great numbers, and spread outside the body, infesting the mucous linings of the urethra and vagina, and the external surfaces in the vicinity of the anal opening. The irritation pry duced by them is so often like that of an eruptive character that it is quite difficult to tell, from sensa tions, which is the primary cause of the trouble. Not unfrequently they exist together, producing ab normal agitation of the aphrodisiac sense, similar to that caused by mechanical excitation. Irritation of the intestinal canal by the common round worm or other parasites, by foul excretions retained by habitual constipation, diseases of the bladder, testes, ovaries, or the uterine cavity, may give rise to similar expe riences. Injuries of the head, or of the lower por tion of the spine, from severe strains, falls, or blows, and those cases of spinal inflammation and deformity termed rachitis, or "rickets," may also cause diseased genetic sensibility.

Let us ever keep clearly in mind this truth regard ing nervous sympathy. Every cause which agitates or frets the nerves at their origin in brain or spine makes an undue activity or sensitiveness in those organs where they terminate, and if the nerves are teased in the organs they supply, as the stomach, bowels, and pelvis, those portions of the brain or spine in most direct communication will be in turn irritated. This is the reason of intense head suffering from various forms of indigestion, and of the more or less direct disturbance of all the organs from men tal influences. In cases of feeble, nervous, and dis eased children, the physical cause before mentioned often originates morbid genesic sensations, which, following the spinal cord to the brain, awaken sickly states of feeling and thought, which, uncontrolled, in their turn send the nervous currents and the blood more urgently toward the pelvic organs, increasing the congestion there and in the lower portion of the spine. In all conditions of disease in every part of

the body, if there is retained waste matter, inoculated or inherited syphilitic or other poisons, there is a tendency of the noxious material to drift toward, locate, and accumulate at any point where the deter mination of blood is strongest, and the return circu lation is feeble.

This drift and accumulation of waste, or of poison, or bad constitutional blood conditions, about the abdomen or pelvis, are, both in men and women, a source of great suffering, and may appear in persons of the utmost purity of life. If all the habits of thought and life have been hitherto healthful, there will arise, from inherited and constitutional causes alone, quite as grave disorders as the patient or phy sician will care to meet. All the perversions of creative power which have preceded, accompany, or follow the physical conditions detailed, greatly aggra vate existing constitutional disease. The greater the native feebleness, and the more diseased, the greater the necessity of making the best of all that remains of vigor, and of avoiding the voluntary addition of heavier burdens of suffering by bad habits. There is no physician who, all things else being equal, would not have fourfold hope of cure in any given case of disease of the procreative organs, either in men or women, when there was real soul-health and previous wise direction and control of the creative faculty.

Many a continent man or woman, and ailing child, have been saved a heavy burden of suffering and a prolonged warfare for victory over morbid genetic sensibility, either by the relief of spinal congestion, indigestion, constipation, and irritability of the mucous linings of the intestines, or about the procreative organs.

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