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Physical Health of the Procreative Organs


Good general health is the only basis of fair local health, and this is nowhere more true than of the organs of reproduction; and the best evidence of the health of any organ or set of organs is quiet and painless functional activity, both in their healthful exercise and rest. There is one prevailing error leading to grave misunderstanding on the part of many regarding the existence of disease of the pro creative system. Nervous excitability or intense unrest, either general or local, is often esteemed an evidence of strength, when it is, in fact, the sure sign of the loss of vigor; and the undue unrest is just in proportion to the measure of diminishing power in the self-adjustment of the nervous forces. This law will be found to apply to all mental and physical condi tions, to the functions of the brain, heart, lungs, and digestive organs, as truly as to the muscular and pro creative system. These conditions of intense excita bility always result in final loss of power, which is permanent; paralysis, irregular action, and impotence are the results of unresting excitement of the sexual system.

The health of these organs, in their influence over body and soul, has its expression in quiet well-doing, not in unrestful turbulence; and the maintenance of healthful quiet of each power and faculty, when not usefully active in its legitimate service, will do much more to promote intellectual strength and a vigorous longevity than can be estimated. Good general health, and a slow and but half-heeded development of the germinal cells, and consequent virile power, is evidence of the best vigor of the genesic function. The more nearly this condition is approximated during the entire period of maturing and mature manhood, the better for the future strength of the individual and his descendants. From the beginning of the

genesic activities through life, the glandular secre tions and the sperm cells will be thrown off naturally and safely through their usual outlets, with more or less aphrodisiac sensation, three or four times a month, and in very healthy persons even less often. Let it be clearly understood that this loss of the genesic fluids is as natural as sneezing, or the action of the stomach or kidneys; as much a matter of safety to the individual as any of the wise arrange ments by which the physical machinery is able to balance its forces, and, left without mental or physical worry, never does harm. In many instances this degree of seminal loss is regarded by parents and young men as a serious ailment, and ignorant or unscrupulous practitioners have urged it as a reason for unscrupulous treatment or an adulterous life. In mild departures from the natural conditions stated, active life in the open air, sending the nervous currents, and the blood with them, dancing all over the body, supplying all the orgaris with needed en ergy, would right the tendency to congestion of the procreative organs more than all local interference. This moderate loss is not an evidence that the young man needs marriage or a mistress, for it occurs in the most healthy men spontaneously, and is a natural indication of the surplus vigor that any man has to spare, in his full strength, even in the happiest marriage.

The nervous sensations accompanying this func tional action should ever be happily recognized (never as a crime or evil), and then left to rest. They should not be voluntarily encouraged or in duced, or the vital energies would soon be unduly called to the sexual organs, and diseased action result.

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