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The Creative Power - Its Influence on the Nervous and Intellectual Strength


The genesic energy begins its distinctive life at puberty, but does not reach its growth till the full consolidation of the brain, spinal cord, and less im portant tissues of the body of the adult man. This does not take place till the age of twenty-four or twenty-six years in all latitudes. The birth of virility seems not because of the attainment of growth or strength of mind or body necessary to meet its de signed ends, but as an important factor in the work of up-building and invigorating all the powers of existence, gradually leading to those later and best developments of spiritual, intellectual, and enduring physical hardihood, which constitute, in their full attainment, the highest type of manhood. As the nervous forces are stimulated, and, in a degree, fed, by the disintegration of the muscular tissue in exer cise, so the elaboration and resorption of the retained procreative elements secure increasing nerve vigor, and more enduring capability in all the possible activities of life.

The ten years from the dawning of virility to its maturity are important as the time of preparation and training for the warfare and achievements which lead to the higher grounds of success and influence, more especially that ripening of practical judgment and intelligence which is so essential to the ruler of every home. The reserved and reabsorbed forces

and products of genetic evolution are creative and upbuilding everywhere, not only till the highest capa bilities of the individual are perfectly attained, but exert a great preservative influence during the years of decadence.

The interruption by surgical measures of the elabo ration of the spermatozoa induces soon the mental and physical characteristics of undeveloped boyhood. The body may grow to full size, but manly capability and force are wanting, and in such cases anything like high intellectual attainment would not be pos sible. In very early marriages, or where there has been much loss from sexual perversions, there is never found the executive, intellectual, or spiritual capacity otherwise possible for the individual.

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