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The Enigma of Dual Organization and Its Necessity and Blessing to the Human Race

Whatever may be the gradations of sentient and responsible existence in other spheres, adapted to other conditions and atmospheres, as are the myriad inhabitants of our waters to their fitting element, we know that here man stands highest, and alone, in the possession of a comprehensive, and ever-increasing intelligence, and of the most complex body. Thus in the formation of the human body is shown the result of organization, which includes almost every form of vital fabric in the whole range of animate life. It is most wonderful in its wise adaptations to the necessities of its royal inhabitant.

This complexity of the self-renewing structures composing man's peripatetic dwelling, with their general subjection to the will, has nowhere its ana logue. This fact speaks volumes in proof of the designed possibility of the happiest and noblest activities, as well as of the superior responsibilities of its occupant.

So high a grade of mental and physical constitution requires for its perfection elaborate and commensu rate provisions for care and shelter. All that could be secured by wise arrangement, and the most fitting choice of time from all seasons and conditions, during a long term of some twenty-five to thirty years, has been given to men and women to execute the high trust of creative power. Had it not been for far reaching conservative reasons, there is no doubt but this trust might have been given to the keeping of one person as well as two.

The intricate processes producing the ovum and sperm cell might easily have been limited, like the stamens and pistils in one flower, to one individual. Such a plan would not forbid as great exaltation of sensual feelings as could be known to any human being.

The fact that some have repeatedly told me that marriage and its sanctities gave them little happi ness or satisfaction, compared with the intense sensa tions of self-pollution, seems a strong proof of this opinion.

In our world, dual force, in all organizations, seems indispensable to the full conservation of its living types.

The more delicate and complicated existences are more susceptible or more easily injured than the more gross and less perfect.

The force which we speak of under the terms vigor, vitality, strength, vital energy, or life-force, the quickening source of all conscious life, is a gift bestowed from God through living agencies. A truth

which is self-evident in relation to this transmission of energy is, that no more can be bestowed at any given time than the donor has in possession.

Each individual has his own special endowment of vigor and scope of being. That original inheritance, be it full and complete or stinted to the utmost, can never be increased or exceeded. It is the measure, the high-water mark, the grade of inherent vitality the whole life through.

This great energizing principle in all human beings is the resisting force against disease, disorganization, and death. It is evident, from the depressing influ ences everywhere threatening the destruction of man's material treasures that this world was meant to be one of trial and discipline. The strife of con flicting elements, the exhalations of noxious vapors, poisonous plants, venomous reptiles, plague, pesti lence, famine, the atomic spores borne in the air, invisible sources of many fatal diseases, with the thousand forms of mechanical injury and devastating wars, leave us little safety. When we consider the wholesale destruction of soul and body, by gluttony, drunkenness and licentiousness, and see the wealth of circumstance and being placed in man's keeping so abused, we cannot wonder at the precariousness and limitation of his life. Nearly every member of our great human family is born with some defect or impairment of power, which is a more or less griev ous burden. Few persons reach middle life without some depressing influence or persistent ailment which can never be fully overcome; but we find that the living forces of two with limited vitality will, under favorable circumstances, obviate much of the danger of the transmission of personal defects.

After fifty years, in both men and women, there is a gradual and certain decline in strength, which, sooner or later, leads to physical dissolution. After the commencing decline of life, the preservation of the flagging energies, for the wisest and most en nobling services to mankind (when so much is needed), is the dictate of ordinary foresight and good sense.

But for this wonderful conservative influence of duality in parents — the concentrated forces of two lives in the creation of a new one — our race must long since have gone out in the slow and painful round of individual and national decadence.

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