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The Enigma of Dual Organization and Its Necessity and Blessing to the Human Race

In the midst of so much danger and disaster, and so much half-responsible parentage, it is to these great and merciful provisions that we owe what is most valuable in our life inheritance.

It is one more evidence of the Divine wisdom and love, which, anticipating the destructive influences every human being must meet, has guarded against necessary risks, by planning that man's entrance into this trial-life might be doubly protected by receiving the gift of life from two full fountains, and be thus saved from more limitation and loss than the wisest philanthropists have dreamed. The masses of man kind see but dimly the accursed consequences of the abuses of this sacred dual trust. The sad living records are carefully concealed, not only in our hos pitals and dens of infamy, but in some of our fairest homes, and known by few save the wretched victims and their trusted physicians.

Such cases are often more pitiable and horrible than can be conceived. Concealed beneath this pa tent living exhibition of misery, are horrors but feebly portrayed by the physical suffering from dual degradation. Looking thoughtfully, we find soul misery and anguish, degraded honor, the ruins of what might have been a noble fatherhood, and cher ishing mother-love, the unrealized hopes of parents, the blighted loveliness of sons and daughters, and sure national decadence and annihilation.

All these treasures, and many others of infinitely precious worth, are offerings laid at the feet of that insatiable and devouring Moloch, the deity of its blinded votaries, — ABUSED CREATIVE POWER.

Man and woman are the executors of God's highest work in our world, and the essential differences be tween them well fit them for their respective shares in the parental office. Each possessing qualities not

so fully given to the other, supplementing the needs of both, a mutual interdependence and kindly good will between them in all the relations of life is alike advantageous, essential, and just.

As brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, friend and friend, in the truest sense, they are to walk side by side through life, equally amenable to all the great claims of duty to God and their fellows.

Man, in his normal condition, stands first in creative vigor, which includes all the energies of soul, body, intellect, and will, with the larger share of muscular strength. Standing thus highest in the domain of physical power, he is fitted to combat the elements and overcome vast material obstacles. As a creator, and, by this gift of superior strength, conqueror and protector, he bears likeness to God in his sovereign power.

The true woman in full health is richly endowed with the same creative ability, and, as the cherisher and preserver of the race, she often shows much moral strength where man is weak and needs aid and restraint.

In the family, where self-subjection to God and the right is the controlling principle of both, it be comes, more than any possible physical attraction or sympathy, the source of peace and harmony which can come in no other way.

This elevated soul-life in parents, allied to, and quickened by, the great energizing Spirit of Deity, enfolding and sanctifying the home, makes it for them and their children a holy place, beyond whose earthly bounds open the untold glories of heaven.

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