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AGNOSTIC'S I have a friend living in the West who I for years had been a convinced agnos tic. He was a man of wide reading and had great natural ability. His wife, who was known in the editorial and literary world, shared with him his philosophical and religious opinions; but in some un accountable fashion she had been seized with an impulse which she could not ex plain, and had become an automatic writer. She was receiving the most puzzling and perplexing communications, but for a long time kept the fact from her husband, be cause of his known antipathy to every thing of the kind. One morning, how ever, she was sitting at one desk at work while her husband in the same room was sitting at another. Suddenly her hand was seized and wrote,"I want to speak to -"naming her husband's name in full. This was insisted upon until she saw no way out of it but to tell him what had occurred. He came over to his wife's desk and looked at the writing, and then said: "Well, if you are here, tell me where I saw you last." The answer came promptly: "On such a day, - day of the month, day of the week, - on such a street corner, in such a section of the city,"and the additional remark was made that it was raining. The wife smiled and said: "I imagine that is a mistake, for you are

not usually in that part of the city at that hour in the day, and would not have been likely to be there if it had been storming." The husband, however, smiled, and re marked that the statement was correct. Then the communicator went on to say that he wished his old friend to render him an important service. He detailed how his daughter had married against his wish, and how as a result of it he had left her out of his will. He declared that he had come to know certain facts which led him to believe that he had done his daughter an injustice, and he was anxious to set matters right. He wanted this friend to tell his children in regard to his wishes and have matters changed. Now this friend to whom the communication came was entirely unacquainted with most of the important facts which were com municated, and the wife through whom the communication came was ignorant of the whole matter. Neither of them at the time was in any abnormal condition; only the hand of the wife was used as a medium of communication.

day, friend, wife and tell