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Are the Facts Trivial

ARE THE FACTS TRIVIAL Again, in answer to this objection which is commonly made that the communications which are claimed to be received from the other life are trivial, they seem to me to be very much what we ought to expect, on the supposition that death does not radically or suddenly change people, whether as to character or intelligence. People have frequently asked me what sort of messages I have received; and I have sometimes said that they were about on the level of my daily mail. I get wise letters and commonplace ones and foolish ones; but those which really come from noble and wise people are not always over-dignified nor do they deal with the great problems of the uni verse. They are frequently taken up with the simplest, commonest, most personal matters; but they are perfectly natural and fitting in the circumstances which called them forth. If people after death are

just"folks,"substantially the same kind of people they were here, introduced into new conditions, and with infinite possi bilities of growth and progress ahead of them, there is no reason why we should not get from them at first simple personal messages, if we can get any at all. And it is to be remembered that if their object should happen to be to convince the friends left behind that they are still alive and that they maintain their personal identity, this might be more readily done by reference to old and common and simple things than in any other way.

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