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Descriptions of Another

DESCRIPTIONS OF ANOTHER Itis said that we get no satisfactory descriptions of another world or another life. Here two points may well be made.

In the first place, if they should enter into elaborate and magniloquent descrip tions of another world, we should feel at once that the statements were open to suspicion. At any rate, there would be no way of our testing the matter and finding as to whether what they had told us was true or not; and the one thing of importance, at the outset, at any rate, is, if such a thing is possible, to establish the fact of continued existence and of per sonal identity.

It may well be true (and this is what the intelligences communicating have told me over and over again) that it is impos sible for them to give us comprehensible descriptions of their present state of being.

A very little thought will show us that all our knowledge is limited by human ex perience. If, then, the conditions of that life transcend human experience, - and most certainly we should expect them to do so, - then by so much as they transcend what we have so far ex perienced here, by so much they must remain unknown to us until we get there. It may be possible and practicable to establish the fact of continued existence, and yet it may remain impossible for us to get a clear and definite idea as to the na ture of that other life. This seems to me precisely what in the nature of things we should expect.

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