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Evidence for Such Facts Greater than

EVIDENCE FOR SUCH FACTS GREATER THAN I trust that these many detailed cases will not seem tedious to the reader, and that I have not given more than are needed. It has seemed to me best to put before the student of these things enough specimen cases so that he could have ma terial out of which to construct an intelli gent opinion. Hundreds of similar cases have been recorded in evidential shape. Thousands of similar things have hap pened which have not been set down in any such way as to make them valu able as proof. The great majority of people in whose experience these things occur do not appreciate the importance of making a record at the time. Conse quently, though the facts may have been ever so valuable, they become only ru mours and wonderful tales. There is one other thing which the reader ought to'bear in mind. Perhaps the most striking and important things are not given to the public. Many of these happenings are so

intimately personal that they cannot be shown to the world. The only point to be borne in mind here is that the reader may take it for granted that the evidence for these classes of facts is many times greater than appears from any published records. The things that are given to the public in any authentic way are mild un der-statements instead of exaggerated ac counts, and this for the reasons already referred to. I do not mean by this that certain newspapers do not publish the wildest Munchausen stories; but these are now left out of account, because they are not put in any shape so as to constitute evidence of anything except the credulity of the publishers and the appetite of the readers for the mar vellous.

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