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Fiancees Father Warned and

FIANCEE'S FATHER WARNED AND An English girl was engaged to be married to a young American who had been a student abroad. They had met at Heidelberg. He died suddenly after returning to this country. She came over here shortly afterward to visit his mother. While in New York, she went to a medium. There was no ap pointment beforehand, and there was no way by which the psychic could know who she was. Taking her turn, she sat down by the medium, who went into a trance and began to speak. Immediately the girl's lover claimed to be present. He told her a number of things which only they two had ever known. He re called circumstances connected with their acquaintance abroad. Now, it so hap pened that this young lady's father was an English officer in the war in South Africa. Among other things which the young man told was this. He said: "I am glad that I have been able to save your father's life once or twice during the past summer." Now comes the strange coincidence, if coincidence only it be.

The father writes home from South Africa, being entirely ignorant of all that had taken place here, and relates what seems to him a somewhat remarkable fact. He tells how he was sitting in his tent one day when there cattle upon him sud denly an unaccountable impression that he was in danger. It was as though someone was trying to make him feel this and induce him to move. So strong was the feeling that he got up and went over to the other side of his tent. He had hardly done this before a shell struck the chair where he had been sitting. Had he remained there he would have been instantly killed. Of course it is not as serted that this is anything more than a coincidence; but the suggestion is made that coincidences of this sort have been so very frequent as to make one wonder as to whether there is not some deeper meaning in it all.

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