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Impression and a Subsequent Psychic Reference to It


There was a lady living in this city who had an old friend in Brooklyn. This friend had been ill for a year or two. It was known that she would probably not recover, but there was no indication that the end was very near. The New York friend had visited the Brooklyn one on a certain day, and they had talked over all sorts of affairs, even her approaching de parture, for she had no fear of death and talked about it as simply as she did about other things. The next day the New York lady was sitting in her room reading a book. Suddenly the impression came upon her in the most overwhelming way that this Brooklyn friend was in the room. It was not a visible presence that was thought of, but an unaccountable impres sion of a spiritual apparition. Nothing was seen, but the feeling was so strong that the book was dropped in her lap, and she sat for some time wondering what it all meant: for she was not at the time thinking of this friend, being absorbed in her reading, and she had never had such an experience as this before and has never had one like it since. She put the matter one. side after a little while and went on with her reading, thinking it was one of those un accountable impressions which sometimes come to people, but which have no par ticular meaning. She was somewhat

startled, however, to find, as soon as the news could reach her, that her friend had died a few minutes before the time that she dropped her book in her lap. At a sitting with a psychic not long after this, the Brooklyn friend claimed to be present and told her that she made the definite attempt to let her know of her death by coming to her in her room. This infor mation was imparted without any ques tion or suggestion on the lady's part that could have given the medium any clue to what had taken place. At another sit ting, this same Brooklyn friend claimed to be present, and told about certain things - personal mementos - that she wished her New York friend to have as keepsakes. She also referred to drives which they had taken together in Brooklyn years before, and mentioned the name of the horse, which was a great pet of hers, that they had used on those occasions. This name the New York lady had forgotten, if she ever knew it, and only found out that the communication was correct by asking the husband about it.

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