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My Daughters Experiance


Mrs. Piper moved from the west end of Boston to a house in Rox bury. My daughter made an engagement for a sitting with her. She did this through a friend who was living in Rox bury, having this friend write the letter making the appointment, and having the reply come to her house under an assumed name, at least two miles away from where I was living then. My daughter went to meet the appointment, of course utterly unknown. A friend gave her three locks of hair. She placed them in a book, one at the front, one at the back, and one in the middle, so that they should not come in contact with each other. She knew nothing about them, not even as to whether they had been cut from the heads of people living or dead. After Mrs. Piper

had gone into a trance, these locks of hair were placed in her hand, one after an other. She told all about them, gave the names, the name of the friend who had asked my daughter to bring them, told whose heads they were from, whether they were dead or living, and in regard to one of them asked why they had cut it off at the extreme end of the hair where it was lifeless,'instead of taking a lock nearer the head. My daughter of course did not know whether any of the names given or the statements made were correct or not. She made notes, however, and found that Mrs. Piper had been accurate in every particular.

friend and daughter