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Natural or Supernatural


If the claim were generally made by those who have verified facts like these that they were supernaturally caused, then scientific men might have an excuse for declining to investigate them; though even then it would seem to be worth while to study them far enough to be sure that there is no as yet undiscov ered natural force at work. That my own attitude may be made clear, let me say that I do not believe in any supernatural. Whatever is seems to me a part of the natural order. If beings invisible to us at present exist, and if they are able to take some part in our ordinary human lives, the fact of their invisibility would not make them supernatural. If something is done in the presence of a blind man, the natural order is not transcended because he is not able to see the agent at work. It is per fectly well known that our senses are very strictly limited. There are vibrations both too slow and too rapid to produce the sense of sound in ears constructed like our own. So there are vibrations both

too slow and too fast to produce the sense of vision on such eyes as those with which we are endowed. It is, then, only a very small part of the actual natural universe which we either see or hear, and so far as science has anything to say about it, it is perfectly possible that the saying of Mil ton may be true: Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth Unseen, both when we wake and when we sleep.

I do not assert that this is true. I merely say that it may be true for anything which our senses have to say in regard to the matter; and if there are such beings, it is at least theoretically possible that all these things of which I have been speak ing may be accomplished through their agency. This theory will not be accept ed by sane and reasonable men - men touched with the scientific spirit - until all other theories are demonstrated to be in adequate to account for the facts.

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