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Nature of Facts to Be Explained


Before considering with some care these two theories, let us refresh our minds concerning the facts that need to be explained. We will do this by classi fying them in some simple, general way.

In the first place, there are the physical phenomena which must be considered and dealt with. These are so called because they involve the supposed contact with, or movement of, physical objects. But, as already intimated, it needs to be borne in mind that this division is somewhat ar bitrary; for the so-called"physical"phe nomena are connected with and seem to be directed by some invisible intelligence.

Then there is the large variety of what may be roughly classified as mental phe nomena. These are what claim to be communications by whatever method they may be delivered. They include the use of planchette, the Ouija board, automatic writing whether in trance or in the normal condition, trance speaking, etc.