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Objections to Spiritistic

OBJECTIONS TO SPIRITISTIC Professor Shaler, in The Indi vidual, page 209, speaking of the reports of psychical happenings, admits that"there is a remnant that is quite reconcilable with the supposition that the dead live much as they lived on earth, and that they may communicate as regards matters of no particular importance with the living." He says that"this remnant cannot be as yet accounted for." Two or three things, it seems to me, may be said in regard to this admission. The quantity of facts investigated and veri fied may be relatively small; but is it not larger than might reasonably be expected, when we remember how short the time is since any competent or serious at tention has been paid to the matter? How few are the persons who have undertaken to determine the nature or the importance of these facts ! How many have made one or two trials, and then, not having found all they were looking for, have stopped ! I submit, for the consideration of all fair-minded people, that the results are quite as significant as could have been reasonably expected. Investigators should

remember that if, granting that theory for a moment, they are dealing with inde pendent personalities, these personalities cannot be dealt with, manipulated,ordered to go and come as a chemist deals with his elements in the laboratory. By the very supposition involved in these studies, a different method of investigation must be followed. This method may be just as scientific as any other, and yet it must recognise the facts and conditions and abide by them.

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