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Report About a Friend Two Hundred Miles

REPORT ABOUT A FRIEND TWO HUNDRED MILES I have already stated one case in which the invisible intelligence acts at my request to find out something and report to me. I wish now to give another illustration of the same kind, only more remarkable still. I was sitting with a friend in my study in Boston. This friend, though having psychic sensitive ness, was not in a professional sense a medium. She did not go into a trance, but was in her normal condition. The com munications were made chiefly through automatic writing. The intelligence at work claimed to be the spirit of a friend of mine who had recently died, but who during her life had lived in a town on the Kennebec River in Maine. She had a sister still living in this same town. It occurred to me to make this test, and I explained what it was which I wanted. I asked her if she knew where her sister was at the time. She answered that she did not, and had no way of knowing, unless she could go or send and find out. I

then asked her if she would not try to find out for me while I waited. The answer being in the affirmative, we sat in perfect silence and quiet for nearly fifteen min utes, when the influence appeared again and the hand began to write. She said she had been to Maine, and told me distinctly and clearly where the sister was, and what she was doing. And here let me ask careful attention to the fact that there were conditions in the family with which I was acquainted, which led me to believe that the sister at this time would probably be in another town so that the answer was ,directly opposed to my ex pectation. It seems to me that this has a bearing on the theory of telepathy as ex plaining matters of this kind. I immedi ately wrote a letter to Maine, and had the correctness of the statement made to me corroborated in every particular by return mail.

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