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Report of Fact Not Known to Any Person on

REPORT OF FACT NOT KNOWN TO ANY PERSON ON I am now to detail a little experience which seems to me to have about it certain features which are very unusual, and therefore worthy of special remark. Never in my life, until my son died did I attempt to get into communication with any special person at any sitting held with any medium. I have always taken the attitude of a student trying to solve the general problem involved. On two or three occasions, however, within the last two years, I have tried to see if I could get anything that appeared to be a message from my boy. He died three years ago last June at the age of thirty-one. I was having a sitting with Mrs. Piper. My boy claimed to be pre sent. Excluding for the moment all other things, I wish definitely to outline this one little experience. At the time of his death, he was occupying a room with a medical student and an old personal friend, on Joy Street in Boston. He had moved there from a room he occupied on Beacon Street since I had visited him, so that I never had been in the Joy Street room. I knew nothing about it whatever, and could not even have guessed as to any thing concerning it which he might say. He said: "Papa [and this with a great deal of earnestness], I want you to go at once to my room. Look in my drawer, and you will find there a lot of loose papers. Among them are some which I wish you to take and destroy at once." He would not be satisfied until I had

promised to do this. Mrs. Piper, re member, was in a dead trance at the time, and her hand was writing. She had no personal acquaintance with my son, and so far as I know had never seen him. I submit that this reference to loose notes and papers which for some unknown rea son he was anxious to have destroyed is something which would be beyond the range of guesswork even had Mrs. Piper been conscious. Though my boy and I had been intimate heart friends all his life, this request was utterly inexplicable to me. It did not even enter into my mind to give a wild guess as to what he meant, or why he wanted this thing done. I went, however, to his room, searched his drawer, gathered up all the loose papers, looked through them, and at once saw the meaning and importance of what he had asked me to do. There were things there which he had jotted down and trusted to the privacy of his drawer which he would not have had made public for the world. I will not, of course, violate his privacy by detailing what they were. I will simply say that his anxiety in regard to them was entirely justified. Perhaps somebody wiser than I could explain to me how Mrs. Piper should have come into possession of this knowledge.

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