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So Many Sittings Are

SO MANY SITTINGS ARE Another objection frequently of fered as against the spiritistic theory is that so many sittings are failures. Here let it be remembered that a great many who claim to be mediums are outright and intentional frauds.'There are others among them who are undoubtedly honest, but self-deluded. Certain strange things happen, and they straightway fly off to another world to find an explanation for them when it might easily be discovered nearer home. The failures that occur in the presence of those who possess genuine psychic power seem to me to be very easily explained. If these communica tions do come from real people in an in visible world, then of course the psychic has no more control over them than does a telegraphic operator over a message that may be received for transmission at the office. If there is no one who wishes to

communicate, or if the one who is desired is not present, then of course the sitting, from the point of view of this world, would be a failure; but the psychic would not be to blame. Indeed, on this theory the frequent failures of the psychics are a point in their favour. If they were expert tricksters merely, there would ordinarily be no need of failure; and on the theory of telepathy, it would seem that they ought not so frequently to occur. In other words, it seems to me that this fact is a point against the telepathic theory and in favour of the other.

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