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Society for Psychical

SOCIETY FOR PSYCHICAL The Society for Psychical Research was organised in England in the year 1882. Its first president was Pro fessor H. Sidgwick of Cambridge. It is well known that he is one of the great ethical writers of the age. He challenged the common-sense, the intellect, and the scientific knowledge of England by the statement that it was a"scandal"that such alleged facts should go so long with out any serious attempt at investigation. He was president of the Society from 1882 to 1884. He was followed by Pro fessor Balfour Stewart, F.R.S., who held the position from 1885 to 1887. Then from 1888 to 1892 Sidgwick again took the presidency. In the year 1893, the Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour, M.P., F.R.S., was president. He was succeeded by Professor William James of Harvard for the years 1894 and 1895. From 1896 to 1899, the position was held by Sir William Crookes, F.R.S., the inventor of the fam ous Crookes tube, which was the step ping-stone to the discovery of the X-rays.

During the year i9oo, Frederick W. H. Myers held the presidency. He was one of the keenest and best-known essayists, and famous as a psychologist. He died last year. He is the author of an article on"Science and Immortality"which has produced a wide impression both in Eng land and in this country. He left in manuscript an important work on"Per sonality,"which will deal at length with the psychical side of the problem. The present president is Dr. Oliver Lodge, F.R.S., a prominent member of the Brit ish Association for the Advancement of Science. These men are mentioned as indicating the kind of persons in England who have been willing to enter upon this work. The Society in this country was organised in 1885. After a time it was found better to make the American So ciety a branch of the English so as to give its members the advantage of the work done on the other side of the sea.

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