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Some Opinions of Well-Known

SOME OPINIONS OF WELL-KNOWN Man is an infinite little copy of God; that is glory enough for man. I am a man, an invisible atom, a drop in the ocean, a grain of sand on the shore. Little as I am, I feel the God in me, because I can also bring forth out of my chaos. I make books, which are creations. I feel in myself that future life; I am like a forest which has been more than once cut down; the new shoots are stronger and livelier than ever.

"I am rising, I know, toward the sky. The sunshine is on my head. The earth gives me its generous sap, but heaven lights me with the reflection of unknown worlds. You say the soul is nothing but the result of bodily powers. Why, then, is my soul more luminous when my bodily powers begin to fail? Winter is on my head and eternal spring in my heart. Then I breathe at this hour the fragrance of the lilacs, the violets and the roses as at twenty years ago. The nearer I approach the end the plainer I hear around me the symphonies of the worlds which invite me.

"It is marvellous, yet simple. It is a fairy tale, and it is historic. For half a century I have been writing my thoughts in prose and verse; history, philosophy, drama, romance, tradition, satire, ode, and song. I have tried all, but I feel I have not said a thousandth part of what is in me. When I go down to the grave, I can say, like many others, I have finished my day's work, but I cannot say I have finished my life. My days will begin again the next morning. The tomb is not a blind alley; it is a thoroughfare. It closes on the twilight to open on the dawn." Victor Hugo.

"For logical, well trained, truth-loving minds, the only security against Spiritism is in hiding or running away.... If Sir Isaac Newton were alive to-day, he would not un likely be a convert to Spiritism; the amount of human testimony in favour of Spiritualistic claims is a millionfold greater than that in favour of the theory of gravity.

"The late Judge Edmonds used to say that he sifted the evidence of spirit manifestations just as he sifted the evidence in cases of law, and in accordance with the same principles, and from the standard of the law books and the universities his position was impregna ble." - Dr. of New York.

"These experiences have convinced her [Mrs. Underwood] as nothing in the orthodox faith held by her ancestors, in which she was educated, had or could, of the truth and reasonableness of the soul's survival of death, and of its progressive existence in immortal spheres beyond this life." - B. F. Under-Wood.

"At a very early stage of the inquiry it was seen that the power producing the phenomena was not merely a blind force, but was asso ciated with and governed by intelligence, some times below that of the medium, frequently in direct opposition to the wishes of the medium, and sometimes of such a character as to lead to the belief that it does not emanate from any person present,"the logical inference being that it emanated from a spirit; for on page 95 he says,"I have observed some cir cumstances which seem exclusively to point to the agency of an outside intelligence not be longing to any human being in the room." Sir Prof. Crookes.

"I do not hesitate to affirm that a careful and dispassionate review of my own experi ments, extending over a period of twenty years, together with the investigation of evi dence supplied to me from trustworthy sources, compels my belief in Spiritualism as a science based solely on facts open to the world,through an extensive system of medium ship, its cardinal truth, established by experi ment, being that of a world of spirits, and the continuity of the existence of the individual spirit through the momentary eclipse of death." "My position, therefore, is that the phenomena of Spiritualism in their entirety do not require confirmation. They are proved, quite as well as any facts are proved in other sciences, and it is not denial or quibbling that can disprove any of them." - Alfred Russel Wallace.

"Having tried the hypothesis of telepathy from the living for several years, and the'spirit'hypothesis also for several years, I have no hesitation in affirming with the most absolute assurance that the spirit-hypothesis is justified by its fruits, and the other hypo thesis is not." Again,"At the present time, I cannot profess to have any doubt that the chief'communicators'to whom I have re ferred in the foregoing pages are veritably the personalities that they claim to be, that they have survived the change we call death, and that they have directly communicated with us whom we call living, through Mrs.

Piper's entranced. organism." - Dr. Richard Hodgson.

"We have already adequate evidence that telepathy does not operate between living and embodied minds alone, but operates also be tween the so-called dead and the living, between discarnate and incarnate souls." - Myers.

"Between deaths and the apparitions of dy ing persons, a connection exists which is not due to chance alone." - Prof. Henry Sidgwick.

Prof. Gerling,

in his recent address to the Magnetic Society of Berlin: "I have been asked to dissemble and not let my views be known, but in consequence of this attack I now declare I am a Spiritualist, and shall always remain one." Rev. Dr. Parker, City Temple, London: "It is true, and I have repeatedly said it, that I hold communion with the spirit of my wife." Rev. Dr. T. E. Green: are stand ing on the verge of what I believe is a wonder ful revival of Spiritualism in thought and in life." Rev. Canon Wilberforce: as it does to the yearnings of the soul, espe cially in time of bereavement, for sensible evidence of the continuity of life after phy sical death, belief in modern Spiritualism continues rapidly to increase in all ranks of society.... Its strength lies in the thousands of private homes in which one or more of the family has mediumistic powers." - Page 16, Spiritualism at the Church Congress.

Rev. H. R. Haweis:

your Bible and use your brains when the facts of Spiritual ism come before you, for they all fit in, in a very extraordinary manner with the general mechanism and theory of the Christian re ligion. With this caution and with a God fearing spirit of desire to reap that which is good only, they cannot fail to bring you com fort and blessing. All the Bible was full of spiritual manifestations,mighty rushing winds, tongues of fire, trances, automatic writings, visions and appearances of the dead, mo ments of high inspiration, powers of healing, divine impulses which made people act with a strength and ability beyond their ordinary capacities." Rev. J. Page Hopps: "I have assisted at a hundred experiments, and have observed and reflected for nearly thirty years, and can only say that I believe there is no escape from the tremendous conclusion that just beyond the thin hiding veil of what we call'the senses'there is a new or undiscovered world, where all the subtle forces are, and where the myriads upon myriads of God's children who have vanished - live and love, and think and work. What most puzzles me is, not that they sometimes signal through the veil, but that they do not signal all along." - Death a Delusion.

Dr. Thorton,

at the Church Congress in Newcastle, said: "Spiritualism inculcates the virtues of purity, charity, and justice; setting forth as well the loving fatherhood of God, as the brotherhood of man, to be con tinued, with personal recognition, in the future life." The Rev. Thomas Greenbury, in Leeds, at first opposed Spiritualism, but after careful investigation, said: "I could as soon doubt the existence of the sun as doubt the fact of my holding communion with my darling daughter. I thank God daily for the privi lege." Alderman T. P. thus testifies: "The despised phenomena of mod ern Spiritualism have done more to uproot materialism and fill thoughtful and educated sceptics with ardent hopes for a future life, than have all the teachings of all the pulpits in Christendom during the same period." M. Leon Consul General of France, and brother of Jules Favre, the eminent French Senator, says: "I have long, carefully, and conscientiously studied Spiritual phenomena. Not only am I convinced of their irrefragable reality, but I have also a profound assurance that they are produced by the spirits of those who have left the earth; and further that they only could produce them. I believe in the existence of an invisible world corresponding to the world around us. I believe that the denizens of that world were formerly resident on this earth, and I believe in the possibility of inter-communion between the two worlds." Prof. De Morgan, at one time London's greatest mathematician, says: "I have both seen and heard, in a manner which would make unbelief impossible, things called spirit ual which cannot be taken by a rational being to be capable of explanation by imposture, coincidence, or mistake. The physical ex planations which I have seen are miserably insufficient." Prof. Challis, the late Plumerian Pro fessor of Astronomy at Cambridge, stated his opinion in a letter to the Clerical journal of June, 2862, as follows: "I have been unable to resist the large amount of testimony to such facts, which has come from many inde pendent sources, and from a vast number of witnesses.... In short, the testimony has been so abundant and consentaneous, that either the facts must be admitted to be such as are reported, or the possibility of certifying facts by human testimony must be given up."

Dr. Robert Chambers, of Edinburgh, said: "The names we are able to quote of men ,who have publicly acknowledged their conviction of the reality of the phenomena of modern Spiritualism form only a small portion of those who are really convinced, every Spiritualist knows." In a letter of Dr. Chambers's, addressed to Alfred R. Wallace, February, 1867, he says: "I have for many years known that these phenomena are real, as distinguished from impostures; and it is not of yesterday that I concluded they were calculated to explain much that has been doubtful in the past; and when fully ac cepted they will revolutionise the whole frame of human opinion on many important matters." M. Triers, ex-President of the French Re public, exclaimed: "I am a Spiritualist, and an impassioned one, and I am anxious to confound Materialism in the name of science and good sense." Camille Flammarion, well-known in scientific circles as an astronomer and mem ber of the Academie Francaise, thus testifies to the truth of Spiritualism: "I do not hesi tate to affirm my conviction, based on per sonal examination of the subject, that any scientific man who declares the phenomena denominated magnetic,"somnambulic,'' mediumic,'and others not yet explained by science, to be impossible is one who speaks without knowing what he is talking about; and also any man accustomed, by his pro fessional avocations, to scientific observation - provided that his mind be not biassed by preconceived opinions - may acquire a radi cal and absolute certainty of the reality of the facts alluded to." Serjeant an Assistant Judge of the Middlesex Sessions, President of the Psycho logical Society of Great Britain, getting satin factory proofs of independent writing through a distinguished medium, wrote of it thus August 8, 1876: "I can only say that I was in the full possession of my senses; that I was wide awake; that I was in broad daylight; that the medium was under my observation the whole time, and could not have moved hand or foot without being detected by me.... That these spiritual phenomena oc cur it is vain to dispute." C. F. Varley, the distinguished English electrician, chief engineer to the Electric and International Telegraph Company, assistant in the construction of the Atlantic telegraph, in connection with Sir Michael Faraday and Sir William Thomson the first to demon strate the principles governing the transmis sion of electricity through long deep-sea cables, writing in 1880, said: "Twenty-five years ago I was a hard-headed unbeliever.... Spirit phenomena, however, suddenly and quite unexpectedly were soon after devel oped in my own family.... This led me to inquire and to try numerous experiments in such a way as to preclude, as much as cir cumstances would permit, the possibility of trickery and self-deception.

"That the phenomena occur there is over whelming evidence, and it is too late now to deny their existence. Having experimented with and compared the forces with electricity and magnetism, and after having applied mechanical and mental tests, I entertain no doubt whatever that the manifestations which I have myself examined were not due to the operation of any of the recognised physical laws of nature, and that there has been present on the occasions above-mentioned some in telligence other than that of the medium and observers." Raoul Pictet, Professor in the Genoa University, delivered a lecture May, 1893, in the hall of the University of Liege in Belgium, giving in his adhesion to Spiritualism, saying: "I am constrained to do so by the invincible logic of facts." Dr. Miguel Sans Benito, Professor of Metaphysics in the University of Barcelona, is a devoted Spiritualist. He affirms and publishes that: "Spiritualism is the synthesis of the most important principles and dis coveries of science; and that we may advan tageously study it, with the firm assurance that it will open out new horizons to our in telligence; besides supplying our hearts with a beautiful consolation in those bitter mo ments of our lives which are occasioned by a painful bereavement." M. T. Falconer, Professor in the Techni cal Institute of the Minister of Public Instruc tion at Alessandria, in Piedmont, is an enthusiastic Spiritualist, declaring that the spiritual phenomena afford"the only positive proofs of a future conscious existence." The learned Ochorowicz, Professor in the University of Warsaw, was induced in the latter part of 094 to study the psychic phe nomena under the most rigorous test condi tions of mediums. Having previously studied, he was considered an authority in magnetism and hypnotism - and now he was bound to get at the bottom of what was denominated "Spiritualism." After being fully convinced of its truth he said: "I found I had done a great wrong to men who had proclaimed new truths at the cost of their positions. And now, when I remember that I branded as a fool that fearless investigator Crookes, the inventor of the radiometer, because he had the courage to assert the reality of medium istic phenomena, and to subject them to sci entific tests; and when I also recollect that I used to read his articles upon Spiritualism with the same stupid style as his colleagues in the British Association bestowed upon them, regarding him as crazy, I am ashamed both of myself and others, and I cry from the very bottom of my heart,'Father, I have sinned against the light!" "If any one cares to hear what sort of con viction has been borne in upon my own mind, as a scientific man, by some twenty years'familiarity with those questions which concern us, I am very willing to reply as frankly as I can.

"First, then, I am, for all personal pur poses, convinced of the persistence of human existence beyond bodily death; and though I am unable to justify that belief in a full and complete manner, yet it is a belief which has been produced by scientific evidence; that is, it is based upon facts and experience." Dr. Oliver Lodge, F.R.S., Proceedings, S. P. R., March, 1902.

"As a Christian and a spiritual being I be lieve that communications with the spiritual world are reasonable and to be expected; in deed, that our whole religion reveals it and requires it, and that, as a matter of fact, we practise intercourse with the spiritual world every day of our lives." - Rt. Rev. William H. Moreland, Bishop of Sacramento, Cal., U. S. A.

Prof. Hare,

Emeritus Professor of Chem istry in the University of Pennsylvania: "Far from abating my confidence in the inferences respecting the agencies of the spirits of de ceased mortals, in the manifestations of which I have given an account in my work, I have, within the last nine months"(this was written in 1858)" had more striking evidences of that agency than those given in the work in question." Prof. Elliot Coues, of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, U. S.: "I have, as you know, the keenest interest in the whole range of those phenomena which are variously labelled Spiritualism,'theosophy,"tele pathy,"humbug,'and fraud.'I happen to be an organism which itself illustrates some of them, and I have seen enough besides to satisfy me of the actual verity of most of the rest of them, let their explanation'be what it may. I also think that scientific as well as public opinion is just now undergoing such modification - I had almost written such a revolution - that those who are now called respectively scientists'and crankists'are likely to change places, with great benefit to humanity at large. And as to religion - which after all has got to stand with its feet firm on the solid ground of nature, if it would rear its head to the heaven that is above all human ignorance and prejudice - as to religion, I repeat, that which is now heterodoxy will the more speedily prove orthodoxy, the more widely the facts of psychic science are dis seminated and appreciated. The traitor in the strongholds of orthodox intolerance is hu man reason acting upon stubborn facts of human nature, and the quarrels now going on in several of these strongholds are among the most cheerful signs of the times; for the truth always comes bringing not peace, but the sword, with which to conquer a peace." Professors Tornerom and the Swedish physicists: "Only those deny the reality of spirit phenomena who have never examined them, but profound study alone can explain them. We do not know where we may be led by the discovery of the cause of these, as it seems, trivial occurrences, or to what new spheres of Nature's kingdom they may open the way; but that they will bring forward important results is already made clear to us by the revelations of natural his tory in all ages." Six years ago F. W. H. MYERS, when dealing with the appearance of phantasms of the dead, said: "As our evidence now stands, I find no rational halting-place between our smallest experimental transferences from mind to mind and apparitions generated by men long dead."

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