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Spirit Apology


One more brief case. Some years ago my brother had a sitting with Mrs. Piper. To him at that sitting claimed to come the spirit of a minister whom he had known in the West. This minister told him a good many personal facts, among others, where he had died and the disease which had taken him away. Of these things my brother was ignorant. So far as I know, Mrs. Piper had never had any way of knowing that there was such a minister in America. The particular point of the communica tion, however, was this. He had made a violent attack in a Western paper on me, in regard to some theological position which I had taken. He told my brother that he had rendered me an injustice, that A* , he wished to apologise, and that he now believed that I was right. Now the strik

ing thing about this lies in the fact that my brother was not thinking of this mat ter and cared nothing about it. The attack had never seriously troubled me, because long ago I had become used to worse things than that. There was no reason for the explanation unless it be found in the simple human feeling on his part that he had discovered that he had been guilty of an injustice, and wished, so far as possible, to make reparation, and this for the peace of his own mind.

brother and minister