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Spiritism Can Explain All

SPIRITISM CAN EXPLAIN ALL In the next place, if we assume the existence of the people who used to inhabit this earth, their agency might easily explain and account for all the wide varieties and classes of experience which we have been considering. This theory would naturally account for all the mis takes and failures which have been re corded. We know that people in this world make mistakes and forget; and there is no reason to suppose that the moment a man dies, he becomes either a perfect angel or a perfect devil. There is nothing in the fact of death with which we are acquainted to suddenly change one's nature or personal characteristics. What the difficulties of communication are on the spirit side - if there be any spirit side and any communications - we do not know. That difficulties should

exist, it is not unreasonable to believe. It is no part of my present purpose to go into a discussion of what these may be. I only wish in a general way to assert that I have never had an experience or known of a well-authenticated account of one which might not be rationally explained on the supposition that there are invisible beings about us, who are interested in our affairs, and who, under certain conditions, can come into contact with our lives.

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