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Spiritism Not Dependent on

SPIRITISM NOT DEPENDENT ON Though it may seem a rather start ling statement to make, it is yet true that the question of continued exist ence can be considered apart from any theistic belief whatsoever. If a man be lieves in God then he may say with a good deal of logical force that this carries with it a belief in continued personal existence. But though a man regard himself as an atheist, still he ought not to put these strange facts one side. The question of living through and beyond the fact of death may be considered without any re gard to the question of theism or atheism.

Whatever a man may believe concerning God, it is still true that we are here and are what we are. Some power has pro duced us, and a power which is adequate to this may, for all we know, be adequate to continuing our personal existence be yond the experience of death. In a uni verse like this, no man has a right to set limits to the possible. It resolves itself into a question of fact and evidence.