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Telepathic Assumptions


The only cases of telepathy of which we really know are telepathy be tween two. That there is such a thing as"telepathie a trois,"as Mr. Andrew Lang calls it, is something which by itself and on its own account has never been estab lished as a fact. It is, as I have said in another connection, only an assumption in order to escape the acceptance of an other theory.

That the subconscious self can go at will and get facts, now in one State, now in another; that it can seek out at will the friends of the particular sitter who happens to be present; that it can select facts which concern both living and dead, and which are apart from each other by years in time, as well as by thousands of miles in space; that it can combine separate qualities so as to successfully simulate a personality and that the par ticular personality which the case re quires; that it can at different sittings bring together just the facts to fit the person claimed to be present; that at a subsequent sitting it can remember all these multitudinous details, begin where it left off weeks before, and go on in per fect consistency with all the facts brought out before, - that all this is possible to the subliminal seems to pass the bounds of belief. That the subconscious self does

actually do these things is simply a bold assumption. There is no proof of it as a fact. That something or someone, how ever, does it all, every serious student in this department of investigation is per fectly well aware.

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