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Telepathy Ought Not to Make so Many

TELEPATHY OUGHT NOT TO MAKE SO MANY So marvellous a being as this subliminal self, whose knowledge must ap proach wonderfully near to the universal in order to account for the facts, surely ought not to be liable to make so many mistakes. Mistakes are made and are common, and they are frequently con cerning things which are perfectly clear and definite in the minds of the sitters, and which on the telepathic theory ought to be very easily accessible and correctly reported by the subconscious self of the psychic.

How does this theory apply to those cases in which animals seem to be con scious of the presence of beings invisible to ordinary men and women? Whose subliminal self is it in this case that sees? Of course, it hardly needs to be pointed out that the theory of telepathy has no apparent application to what are called"physical"phenomena. There is not

one particle of proof in existence to sup port the assumption of anybody that the subliminal self can move a table or a chair or play on a musical instrument without any physical contact or the application of any force that is recognised by science.

Is there anything in the telepathic theory which even seems to explain the statement claiming to come from my son as to papers in his drawer in his room in Boston which he wished to have de stroyed? Here was something that was not known to anybody living on the face of the earth. It was in the consciousness of no one except that of him who had made the notes and had left them there.

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