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Telepathy and

TELEPATHY AND It would seem to be impossible, in with the theory of telepathy, to account for the appearance of appari tions. I call particular attention to the case of the young man who claimed to have been warned by the spirit of his father of his approaching death. Here was no medium, no question, no sugges tion; only the sudden appearance of an apparition, whose prophecy was fulfilled. Will someone tell me how telepathy can account for a fact like this? there is one more point which has always seemed to me startling and strange in the light of the theory which would explain by means of tele pathy or the subconscious self. How does it happen that this subconscious self is such an unconscionable, persistent, consistent, and abnormal liar about itself? Why does it not now and then by some sort of accident tell the truth? Has there ever been a case on record in which this subconscious self, which is so wise, so won derful; which is able to travel the earth over in pursuit of its facts and select the particular one which is needed; which can build up no end of distinct and consistent personalities, and put into their lips words and expressions and statements of fact and memories which shall come very near to establishing their identity with people who used to live here, - is there, I say, a case on record where this subconscious self has owned up to being a subconscious self? In every single case with which I am acquainted, it has always made the claim that it was the spirit of somebody who used to live here on earth. The most

unconscionable liars in this world generally lie for a reason. They have some motive or purpose in it all, even if it be not a very intelligible one. But why this sub conscious self should never by any pos sibility tell the truth seems difficult to understand. If it be said that it is a passive instrument and that it accepts the impressions and ideas of people who are about it, in accordance with the law of suggestion (that is supposed always to be at work in hypnotism), even this does not seem to me satisfactorily to account for the facts. Hundreds of things which this subconscious self states as true (on this theory) are not at all in accordance with the law of suggestion. They are things which the medium knew absolutely no thing about. They are things not only not suggested by the sitters, but state ments concerning things of which the sitters were ignorant; statements dia metrically opposite to the opinions of the sitters; statements of things not only not accepted by the sitters, but to which they were violently antagonistic. In matters of this sort, I submit that the supposed law of suggestion does not apply.

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