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Telepathy the Facts Not New


The kinds of facts which constitute the subject-matter of the Society's in vestigation are not at all new. Similar happenings have been reported since the beginning of history. The stories come to us from every nation and under every sky. We find them not only among the traditions of barbaric people, but gravely and solemnly reported by the classical writers of Greece and Rome. They were common during the Middle Ages. They were accepted by the leaders of the Catho lic Church and the great reformers as well. Shakespeare and all the great writers of England make use of them. They were common in all the Pilgrim and Puritan days of New England. They disturbed

the pious serenity of the home of John Wesley, though the alleged facts are gen erally put out of sight in his authorised biographies. They were known in the house of old Dr. Phelps of Connecticut, - the father of the late Professor Phelps of Andover, and the grandfather of Mrs. Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward, the author of Gates Ajar. Professor Phelps be lieved to his dying day in the accuracy of the reports as to what happened in his father's house, though from his theologi cal point of view he held firmly to the be lief that they were the work of the devil.

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