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The Facts

THE FACTS It may be worth while next roughly to classify the kinds of facts which are communicated. This will help us to see as to whether one theory or another seems more easily to fit the case.

1st. There are hundreds of facts com municated with which one or more of the sitters who are present are well acquainted beforehand.

2d. There are things told which none of the sitters ever knew, but which it is pos sible the psychic may have known.

3d. There are no end of facts commu nicated which the psychic by no possi bility could ever have known, but which may have been known to some one of the sitters.

4th. There are facts related which no person present, sitter or psychic, ever knew.

5th. There are things told which are not known by any of the persons present, but which presumably may have been known by some living person somewhere in the world.

6th. There are cases of facts communi cated which no living person in the world knew at the time or'could possibly have known.

The object of setting down these state ments in this manner is only to call at tention to the point that the theory which is ultimately accepted must be one capable of including and all this variety of facts.

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