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The Study Growing

THE STUDY GROWING Since men like these have undertaken the work, it has been elevated to a position of respectability which up to that time did not attach to it. Until this Society was organised, the man who pro posed to study in this direction was likely to be looked upon with suspicion as not entirely well-balanced. This feeling was well expressed by Professor James of Harvard in a remark which he made to me. He said,"Well, Savage, suppose you and I should come to believe in it. It would only be a couple more cranks." This was the way the matter was looked on; but one of the first, and as a pre liminary one of the most important results of the Society so far has been to make the study respectable, as I have already said. Under the shadow of these great

names a man can look into these things without having his sanity impeached." Good society,"to be sure, has as yet no place for it, and one's friends may regard him with a tolerant smile; but he can investigate as much as he pleases now, without being regarded as anything more than"peculiar."