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The Teaching of

THE TEACHING OF If by important communications from the other life it is meant that no high and fine ethical and spiritual teaching is received, then the statement simply is not true. If anyone will take the trouble to make himself acquainted with the best literature in this direction, he will find that there is no nobler religion, no grander morals, no sweeter humanities, no more hopeful outlook for the world to be found anywhere on earth than is to be found here.

Have the Spririts done any good? It is sometimes said that the spirits have I done no good. The question is asked as to why they do not help somebody; why they do not solve perplexing mys teries, unravel judicial tangles, give evi dence in courts of justice, or engage in works of philanthropy. The answer is, that so far as these law points are con cerned, though I have seen them sug gested more than once in the newspapers, they are absurd on the face of them. Is

there any judge in Christendom who would accept testimony from this source as a part of any judicial trial? There are on record no end of cases where mysteries have been solved and family tangles un ravelled. There are a good many other cases where attempts have been made in this direction, but where the persons con cerned have refused to have anything to do with them. There are on record a large number of cases (and with many of them I am familiar) where great services have been rendered, sometimes even to the saving of life. As to good being done, among the cases which I have offered in this volume are those of prac tical philanthropy, wide-spread and long continued.

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