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These Facts Essential in All Religions


One point in regard to these reported happenings is of the gravest im portance and deserves special and careful attention. Reports of happenings of this kind are inextricably bound up with the origin, the contents, and the history of every religion on the face of the earth. Indeed, it is hardly too much to say that they are the visible roots out of which the religions have sprung. They are the cre dentials which have been offered to au thenticate all the revelations. Every religion is full of them; every bible is full of them. In making this statement, the Hebrew and Christian religions and bibles are not excepted. Apparitions, visions,

dreams, voices, spiritual and mental ex altations supposed to be connected with the communication of divine truth, trans figurations, levitations, annunciations, warnings, - what are these but supposed facts woven into the very warp and woof of all the religions? They are precisely the same kind as those alleged facts which are asserted to be taking place to-day, and which it is the object of the Society for Pyschical Research to investigate. These alleged facts, then, are not new. Sporadic cases have been reported from all over the world and through all time.

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