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Twofold Reason for

TWOFOLD REASON FOR Such, then, is the condition of the problem of continued existence at the present time. As has already been indicated, my interest in these alleged happenings which constitute the subject matter for the investigations of the Soci ety for Psychical Research is twofold. I have said that they promise an important addition to our knowledge of the powers of the human mind as embodied, whether they take us beyond the borderline of the great mystery or not. The other and greater reason for my interest is in the question as to whether they have any bearing on the condition of man after death. Were it not for the latter consid eration, I presume I should leave the sub ject to the interest and study of others. I have cared to devote what leisure time I have been able to find for a good many years to this study, in the hope that some clue might be discovered that would lead to the solution of the great question pro pounded by the author of Job.

Let us then turn to consider as to whether the facts which have been indi cated can be explained by any ordinary theory. The law of parsimony must gov ern us here, and we must keep within the limits of the known so far and so long as possible. However much we may like to believe that the continued existence of the soul may be demonstrated, we must be more anxious still to find and cling to the simple truth, whatever it may be. The number and kind of facts which have been discovered and verified beyond any reasonable doubt are such as to leave fraud and self-delusion and mere coinci dence out of the question. There are facts, and great numbers of them, which must be treated seriously. I believe that there are only two theories which are en titled to serious consideration.

question, study and continued