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Unseen Husband Reports Himself at His Wifes

UNSEEN HUSBAND REPORTS HIMSELF AT HIS WIFE'S There is a lady living in a small town in the northwestern part of the State of New York. Her husband died a few years ago. On one occasion she had a sitting with Mrs. Piper, but did not get results which were wholly satisfactory to her. About a year ago, on the occasion of some anniversary - whether of his birth or their wedding I do not know - she went to the cemetery to place on his grave some flowers of a special kind of which he had been fond. Suddenly, and to her great surprise, she felt a vivid impression of his presence. It was so marked that she spoke to him as if he were there. Then she said: "If you really are here, you go straight to Dr. Hodgson, through Mrs. Piper, and tell him so. Tell him what I am doing. Do this as a test, so

that I may know." It happened that at this very hour Dr. Hodgson was having a sitting at Arlington Heights with Mrs. Piper. Into the midst of the sitting, breaking into the communication that was supposedly being received from some other source, this personality came. He detailed at length and in particular the fact that he had just been to his wife's home, had found her at the cemetery placing flowers on his grave. He told what these flowers were, and said: "She has begged me to come and tell you about it as a test, and I am here." Careful note was made of these facts, and as soon as communication could be made by mail, they were verified in every particular.

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