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What Telepathy Does Not Seem to

WHAT TELEPATHY DOES NOT SEEM TO If now the reader will carefully look over the numbered list of cases which have been presented, he will be able to make up his own mind as to what ones of them would seem to be explicable on the theory of telepathy and what ones would not. There are at least half of them which, in my judgment, telepathy does not touch. If anyone chooses to assume that the subliminal consciousness of somebody can do any conceivable thing; travel over the world and find out any conceivable item of knowledge; tell of things that nobody in the world knows; resurrect facts from a long-distant past, and move physical objects without physi cal contact, - if, I say, anyone chooses to assume a theory like this, why there is nobody who can prevent his doing it.

But if he claims that it is scientific, or that there are any known facts or ade quate reasons for such an assumption, then I submit that he will be likely to place under suspicion his reputation as a sane, fair-minded, and careful investigator.