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Young Lady Speaks German

YOUNG LADY SPEAKS GERMAN I have a lady friend who was the daughter of a New England clergyman, and whose husband in later years was also a minister. When she was a girl this mediumistic power, whatever it may be, would take possession of her, not only without her will, but sometimes against it. She never sat for pay, but would oc casionally oblige a friend who desired to witness experiences of this sort. One day, a young German, apparently a"gen tleman,"whom she had never seen before, came and begged of her to give him a sitting. He said he had heard of her power, and had a very important reason for his request. She consented, and among other things, began, as she sup posed, to jabber in the use of sounds which to her were without any meaning. When thq influence had left her, she felt troubled and ashamed, and was going to apologise by explaining that she had seemed forced to utter these sounds and was not able to control herself. The

young German told her she need not apologise or explain. He said she had rendered him an incalculable service. He assured her that she had been speaking German, that his father had been talk ing to him. Then he went on to ex plain that this father had died suddenly, leaving his business affairs entangled so that they were utterly unable to straighten them out. He needed certain mation which he had no way of obtain ing. This, he said, his father had now given him through her, and that the matter was perfectly plain. He wanted to pay her liberally for the service, but she declined. He afterwards sent her a valuable present as an expression of his gratitude.

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