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Recording Laws Purely Statutory


RECORDING LAWS PURELY STATUTORY. In all of the states there are statu tory provisions for the recording of deeds and mort gages and all other proceedings and instruments af fecting the title to real estate. These statutes are purely local, but are substantially uniform in the va rious states.

The object of these laws is to give the public notice of the condition of the title to lands, and the statutes which provide for recording declare that the record ing shall be notice to everyone of all facts therein con tained, and also that any deed or mortgage or other instrument affecting title to land, which has not been recorded as required by these statutes. shall be void as to a subsequent purchaser or incumbrancer in good faith and for a valuable consideration. In most of the states actual notice of the existence of a deed or mortgage is just as good as the constructive notice which arise from the proper recording of the instru ment.