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Records Where Kept and How Entered


RECORDS WHERE KEPT AND HOW ENTERED. These records affecting title to lands are usually required to be kept at the county seat of the various counties in the state, and separate books are kept for deeds, mortgages and other instru ments, as leases, execution levies, land contracts, and the like. The statutes also provide that separate books be kept for the entry of deeds and mortgages for record before they are actually recorded, and they are effective from the moment of such entry for record. The entry book being a mere memorandum of the names of the parties, grantee and grantor, and that the instrument has been left for record, it is later copied at length in the regular record book of deeds or mortgages. The entry books show the day, hour and minute at which the instrument was left for record, the names of the grantor and grantee, the town, city or village, where the lands conveyed are situated, as well as a sufficient description of the lands as to enable any one to locate them. The deed or mortgage is then regarded as recorded, giving pub lic notice to all of its contents, from the moment of this entry for record, or of its being left for record with the Register or Recorder for entry.

It is held that the entry in the preliminary regis ter book of the names of the grantor and grantee and other facts necessary to be therein stated, will cure an omission of these facts when the deed or mortgage is recorded at length, as the abstractor is presumed to look at the entry book when the names are omitted in the record.

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