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Subsequent Purchases and Acquisitions by the United States


SUBSEQUENT PURCHASES AND ACQUISITIONS BY THE UNITED STATES. In 1803, the United States purchased from France her holdings in North America, called Louisiana, in cluding the present territory of Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, and Oklahoma and Indian Territories, this purchase con sisting of about half as many square miles as the original territory of the United States.

In 1819, the government acquired from Spain the territory of Florida.

In 1845 the Republic of Texas was annexed. This included all the territory comprised within the bounda ries of New Mexico and Texas.

In 1848, the government acquired from Mexico all that territory west of the Rocky Mountains and south of the north boundary line of California, extending from the Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains.

In 1867, the government purchased from Russia the territory of Alaska.

The territory included within the states of Wash ington and Oregon was acquired by the United States by right of discovery and settlement.

In 1896, the United States acquired by annexation the Hawaiian Islands ; and as a result of the Spanish War, and purchase, it has acquired Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands.

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