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The Advent of the nor Mans in England Introduced a Judicial System


THE ADVENT OF THE NOR MANS IN ENGLAND INTRODUCED A JUDICIAL SYSTEM. With the ad vent of the Normans in England led by William the Conqueror, was introduced a highly centralized sys tem of tribunals for the administration of justice, in which the Grand Justiciar controlled absolutely. The Conqueror proceeded cautiously with the introduction of his system, not depriving the Anglo-Saxon tribunals of their jurisdiction, except as to criminal offenses of the clergy, and made it profitable for litigants to come into his court through the introduction of appeals from the lower court. The Wittenagemote, or coun cil of wise men, of the Anglo-Saxons, was superseded by his highest court, called the Curia Regis, or King's court. This was attached to the king's person, was held in his palace, and followed him wherever he went, being the embodiment of royal justice administered by the king in person. This court had unlimited juris diction, and entertained appeals from all inferior courts.