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The Appearance of the De Fendant


THE APPEARANCE OF THE DE FENDANT. The appearance of the defendant is his submission to the jurisdiction of the court. In pleas to the jurisdiction, it must be made by the defendant in person. In all others it may be so made or it may be made by attorney, or if he has been arrested, his giving bail is an appearance. The appearance is usual ly shown upon the record by the words "and the said A. B. (the defendant) by E. F., his attorney, venit (comes), etc." This word, venit, is the technical word expressing appearance.

The appearance is either general or special. If spe cial, the entry must so state, and must show the pur pose, as to object to the jurisdiction of the court, to want of service of process, to misnomer, or other for mal defects. A general appearance waives all of these defects, which must be taken advantage of by enter ing a special appearance only, as for the purpose of objecting to the jurisdiction.