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Acceptance Necessary to Complete the Assent


ACCEPTANCE NECESSARY TO COMPLETE THE ASSENT. When a proposition has been communicated by one party to another it must be accepted, and the acceptance communicated, or put in a proper way to be communicated, to the maker of the offer in order to form a union of mind necessary to agreement. The acceptance of the terms of the offer must be as full and complete as they were made. There must be no reservations, or adding of conditions by the acceptor; the offer must be accepted or rejected in toto. So if an offer be made to a person by mail or otherwise, to sell a certain horse for $50, a complete acceptance of such an offer might be made by the reply "Yes;" but if the answer should be "Yes, if you will warrant him," there is a change or qualifi cation of the offer which is not an acceptance, but a re fusal of the offer as made, and the submission of a new offer to the seller, which he may accept or reject.