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Its Sale by a Partner


ITS SALE BY A PARTNER. As a general rule where land belongs to the firm while the title is in one or more of the part ners, a purchaser from the partners without notice of the partnership rights acquires a good title. (Erwins App. 3 \\Tr. (Pa.) 535; Page v. Thomas, 43 0. St. 38.) And if a partner has authority to act for the firm his sale of the real estate will bind the firm. (Rovelsky v. Brown, 92 Ala. 522.) The firm real estate in the name of a deceased partner goes to the heir in trust for the settlement of the partnership debts. (Martin v. Mor ris, 62 Wis. 418.) And equity will compel the con veyance of the legal title to the surviving partner for the settlement of the firm business. (Buckley v. Buck ley, II Barb. 43.)