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Offer Is Revocable Until Accepted


OFFER IS REVOCABLE UNTIL ACCEPTED. Any offer without consideration may be withdrawn at any time before acceptance, but in the case of an offer communicated by mail, the offer is considered as being repeated every instant of time until the letter has reached its destination, and the cor respondent has had a reasonable time to answer it. (Dunlap v. Higgins, i H. L. Cas. 381.) If the offer is not retracted it remains in force until the time for ac ceptance or rejection has arrived. It may be retracted before acceptance, but the revocation must be com municated to be effective. (Stitt v. Huidekopers, f7 Wall. 384; Beach on Contracts, Sec. 37.) The offerer may withdraw the offer at any time be fore acceptance, but if he does not do so, how long may the acceptor wait and then accept without the offer lapsing? Will it be a minute, or a week, or longer? This is a question that cannot be answered definitely in any case. The rule is, that the offer con tinues a reasonable time, and that the determination of a reasonable time depends upon the circumstances of the particular case, and does, in fact, vary from a few minutes in cases to a much longer time. When the facts are shown, what is a reasonable time is a question of law.

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